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About us

Le Pom Pom was created by fashion designer 'Grana Khan' in 2016. It is based out of Dubai, U.A.E. What started off as a hobby Grana accidentally turned into a business! Grana featured the handmade products in markets, and with the overwhelming interest in the items, she took the business one step further. With her vast experience in fashion buying, retail experience and sales, she started attending trade shows. Many boutiques took interest and slowly Le Pom Pom started selling in some of the largest retailers in the world, such as: Nordstroms, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People and many more.

What makes Le Pom Pom special is the items are all functional, but are unique in the sense that they are all made by hand and inimitable. There is too much mass production in the world nowadays, and we wanted to make special products you can love and appreciate.

Le Pom Pom is a labor of love, and our talented, in-house team create our products with signature handmade techniques. We also create and design products from other handmade communities around the world, such as: Colombia, Vietnam, Greece, Pakistan, etc. We love to support talented artisans from all around the world and modernizing traditional design and pieces.

Currently our products are available in more then 350 boutiques worldwide ranging from Japan, to Puerto Rico. We are proud to be a Dubai based brand, with our items available worldwide.

"Made In Workshops, Not Sweatshops"

As one of our core values, unwavering quality lies in everything we do. It’s at the heart of the brands we work with, and it’s what brings people like you our way - a joint passion for consciously designed, beautifully crafted products made to last